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CBD Combined With Essential Fatty Acids Is 40% More Efficient In Epilepsy Seizure Reduction Than Regular CBD, New Study

Canaquest Medical Corp, a clinical-stage life sciences company focused on drug discovery and development of next-generation targeted cannabinoid therapeutics for the central nervous system, announced statistically significant efficacy results from a recent clinical dose and efficacy study.

In comparison to standard CBD, CQ-001 (cannabidiol/CBD + IP formula/essential fatty acids) demonstrated 40% more seizure reduction at a medium dose in the maximal electroshock seizure model. This result indicates that CQ-001 is stronger than standard CBD, and could be used at a lower dose to achieve seizure control.

What does that mean in layman’s terms? Well, apparently these scientists at this cannabis pharmaceutical company have created what appears to be a more effective version of CBD by mixing in their own supplemental formula which appears to include essential fatty acids. This seems like good news, especially for anyone suffering from epilepsy, where results seem very positive. These results set the stage for substantially smaller dosages of CBD generating the desired results without the negative side effects and will define a dosage of CQ-001 for a clinical trial.

Research is indicating that essential fatty acids have an ability to switch on special receptors in the cell membranes, which in turn cause the cells to perform certain jobs. For example, omega-3 fatty acids are involved in creating endocannabinoids and working with existing endocannabinoids to make potent anti-inflammatory substances called endocannabinoid epoxides. Omega-3 fatty acids also are important for stabilizing endocannabinoid cell membrane receptors, which allows the endocannabinoids to perform their tasks, such as energy storage and fighting inflammation.

This intimate relationship between endocannabinoids and omega-3 fatty acids illustrates how much they work together to help promote overall health. And apparently all of this can provide greater therapeutic relief for those suffering from numerous ailments – especially with epilepsy, as this most recent study strongly indicates. Anecdotally, linkages have long been presumed between CBD and omega-3 fatty acids as evidence shows that they both help relieve depression, inflammation, and pain.

For more information on the relationship and synergy between CBD and essential fatty acids, please follow the links below to view source material. Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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