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Court Rules Against Marijuana Delivery in WA State

More bad news coming from our so-called judicial system.  Cannabis delivery is not going to happen any time soon.  Recently Thurston County Superior Court Judge Indu Thomas affirmed that a Washington State retail cannabis licensee violated state law by offering delivery service for cannabis.

The Court found that by subscribing to the delivery service, the licensee invited the delivery service to come into its stores to violate the law and was responsible for the violation.

According to the WA State LCB:  while the ruling is based on the facts in this case, state law makes it clear that marijuana delivery is prohibited for commercial purposes.  Licensed retail stores that either deliver marijuana themselves or through use of a third-party delivery service in violation of RCW 69.50.401(1), RCW 69.50.4013, and WAC 314-55-110(4)(d).

What a bunch of buzz kills.  Apparently, if you want delivery, better call up Oregon.



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