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Dr. Ezell Free At Last

Back in 2014, a man and his daughter were arrested and the news ran with it. The term, “grow operation,” was used all over this country. In reality that was far from the truth. Dr. Paul Ezell was indeed growing medical cannabis, to help his dying wife find relief from the pain. He was stripped of his license, as was his daughter, who was a nurse and only because she was home at the time of the plant seizure. Today, May 26th, Gov Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania granted Dr. Ezell a pardon, setting him free. Up next is getting a pardon for his daughter who was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Gov Tom Wolf has now pardoned 96 people with cannabis convictions and we hope it continues country wide.

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf Pardons Delaware County Eye Doctor Who Grew Marijuana For Sick Wife




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