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Is Cannabis The Fastest Growing Industry

New reports from Leafly point to yes!

“The report emphasizes that marijuana industry growth is far outpacing those of other traditional markets. Last year marked the fifth consecutive year that job growth exceeded 27 percent. By contrast, general business and financial occupations are only expected to grow by about eight percent this decade ending 2030.”

In a day and age where we see significant declines in job growth, having one industry moving quickly in the green is a positive in terms of fixing the economy after the pandemic settles.

“The new report also projects that total employment in the country’s marijuana market will eventually reach up to 1.75 million workers. It additionally makes some interesting observations for further context on the size of the marijuana market as of 2021. For example, the analysts note that there are now three times as many people working in cannabis as there are dentists.”

Check out this great article from Marijuana Moment to learn more!

Nearly Half A Million Americans Work In The Marijuana Industry, New Leafly Report Finds



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