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Large vs. Small Glass Bongs

Whether you’re purchasing your first piece of glass or expanding your collection, deciding what size bong to smoke your flower in is dependent on your priorities and “specific needs” when enjoying your bud.

Pros of Large Bongs

  • More Percolation-The larger the bong, the more percolation which allows for a “smoother, cooler, and cleaner hit”.
  • Bigger Hits

Cons of Large Bongs

  • They Take Up a Lot of Space
  • Weaker Flavor
  • More Maintenance Required
  • More Expensive

Pros of Small Bongs

  • More Discreet
  • Stronger Flavor
  • Easier to Maintain
  • Cheaper


Cons of Small Bongs

  • Smaller Hits
  • Less Percolation


David Nadel perfectly summarizes the pro’s and con’s for both large and little bongs on the website – Vaporizer Chief. Check it out!




Source: Nadel, D. (2019, September 29). Large vs. Small Glass Bongs [web log]. Retrieved April 16, 2022, from




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