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The Landrace Hunt

What is a cannabis landrace strain?

A landrace cannabis strain is one of the original strains handed down from pre-history, and they regularly carry the name of the place they were developed: Acapulco Gold, Thai, etc.  Over the generations, the growing practices and environments in those locations passed on unique characteristics to each strain’s appearance and chemistry.  The original landrace strains are now commonly referred to as “heirloom” strains, and they are produced in small batches and carry genetics of the landrace.

Sativa landrace strains moved across the globe while Indica landraces were isolated in dry mountain regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan.  These strains also carry the names of places they were developed: Afghani, Hindu Kush, etc.

Check out this exciting video from VICE News where they document the intense hunt for the last landrace strains on earth.



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