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We Wish You An Extra Dank Christmas!

We are giving out treat bags with candy and swag!

Come get 30% off this Friday and a free lighter, lanyard, papers, & stickers!

We Are Open Normal Hours 8am-11:45pm on Friday Christmas Eve!

Reminder We Will Be CLOSED On Saturday Christmas Day

(Friday is 30% Off The Whole Store)


Wanna Get High On Christmas Without The Family Noticing?

We Got You!!!

Sneaky ways to stay High on “Holiday Spirit”!


1. Tinctures – Drop under your tongue and wait 30 seconds to a minute without swallowing. Takes about 30 minutes to kick in!


2. Edibles – Can take about an hour to two hours to feel full affects. Be careful not to take too much!


3. Vape Pens – Easy to hit outside or in the bathroom with minimal smell.


4. Drinks – Our drinks are 100mg THC so only take a small amount if you are a newbie!

Reasons To Smoke On Christmas … If you need one 😉

1. Your Christmas meal will taste even better

Nothing like having the munchies and sitting down to a scrumptious meal. Cannabis helps to enhance the taste and flavor making this your best Holiday feast yet.


2. Cannabis helps with social interactions

Have to talk to that weird uncle? We know it’s awkward. If your Christmas get together involves people you are not familiar with or have difficulty communicating with, then smoking a bit of weed can help lubricate the conversation and get things flowing. Of course, getting too high can have the opposite effect – so take it easy at first.


3. Cannabis helps with stress

Sometimes all the pressure to have the perfect holiday puts people on edge. Weed is great for relieving that stress. It can help to relax your body and your mind and give you the ability to see the bigger picture.


4. Feel like a Kid again

Taking pleasure in the simple things can feel harder as you grow older. But there is arguably no better time to act like a kid again than at Christmas. Weed can help with that – allowing you to really enjoy the lights, the winter weather, the smell of cookies, the gifts, and the family you have around you.

Don’t Forget These Cute Holiday Themed Jars From Freddy’s Fuego! Perfect Stocking Stuffers or Present.

⛄Happy Shopping!🎅


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